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Reach out to our electricians to know about our pricing and benefits. We offer a second-to-none generator installation that comes with a 10-year warranty. Our experts help you save money and invest in good-quality backup power.

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Commercial New Construction

Ensure that your new construction building is up to code, safe, and energy-efficient. We handle projects of all sizes.

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Work with a Qualified New Construction Electrician in Tomball, TX

Pair your new building construction with high-quality electrical work. At RAB Electric Consultants, we ensure that your project complies with electrical codes. Our priority is to guarantee your new building is safe and energy-efficient. We bring over 7 years of experience handling several types of electrical jobs, always providing superior results. Our new construction electrician in Tomball, TX, is ready to inspect your building today.

Get a Custom-Designed Electrical System

Every new construction project is different. Our licensed new construction electrician can help you get a custom-designed electrical system that meets your building’s needs and requirements.

Our electricians offer a full new construction electrical installation. We make sure every component of your electrical system works efficiently and with the highest quality. Because buildings may require extensive electric wiring, we can also handle projects of all sizes!

Discuss Your Commercial Project

Whether you need a low-voltage electrician or new construction electrical contractors, we provide professional assistance. Our electricians reduce the risk of an electrical fire, supply power to new appliances and devices, and increase energy efficiency throughout your building. We’ll work in strict compliance with all local, state, and federal electrical codes. Contact our new construction electrician in Tomball, TX, to learn more about how we can help.